Buying Guide

What Strength?

All UK compliant labelling on CBD products should clearly state the amount of CBD in milligrams (mg). In most cases this will be displayed as a percentage of the total volume of the product. Each and every individual case is different, hence why there are variances in what should be an optimal serving size. Valley Dew suggests that users of our products begin with a low concentration. We feel it would be unwise to jump to a higher dose to start with, from a financial and feasibility standpoint.

If you have decided to explore the benefits of CBD Hemp oil. A gradual introduction to your system would be our suggested approach. Check the strength, and perhaps start with the lowest milligram amount that is available. At 'Valley Dew - Hemp' our oil with the lowest cbd content is 4%, followed by the 6 and 8%. No artificial additives, and rich in Omega-6, Omega-3, fatty acids and Vitamin E. This product range is vegan.

Can you overdose on CBD?

You cannot overdose on CBD; there are also no known instances of this occurring.

How much to take?

Valley Dew suggests a small daily intake of 1-2 mg of CBD for new users. Continue this for approximately one week, and then gradually increase (or decrease) your dosage until you find an amount that works for you. An average dosage of 10-20mg of CBD per day is quite common. Please do not go over the 200mg food supplement daily limit.

Why choose us?

There are numerous CBD products currently on the market. We firmly believe our 'Valley Dew - Hemp' range is innovative and unique, with extensive laboratory and agricultural research be sure you are getting the best available in the market today. We pride ourselves on providing 100% quality, organic as well as having no artificial additives. It is important that you are informed regarding your purchasing decision.


In order to ensure that you are informed as to your CBD oil purchase, the entity that you are buying from can provide a certified laboratory test certificate. This will detail all the constituents of your product and give information as to the precise CBD content in milligrams and thc amount.