What to know about cbd regulation in the U.K. and beyond

The CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) is currently the largest trade association of it type in the World. The Hemp Trades Association UK Limited t/as The Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) is the largest and oldest cannabinoid centric trade association for the UK and Europe, this body works coherently with all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry. With a mission to promote good practice, provide practical advice and ensure consumers of legal cannabis and hemp products have access to top quality information. 

As a consumer in the U.K. and beyond it is imperative that you make an informed purchase when you set out to buy a cbd/cannabinoid product. Slow regulatory reform and "cowboy" operators have diminished consumer interest and weakened the backbone of the 'real' cbd industry. At Valley Dew we always advise that you ensure that you only buy from a company that is a registered member of the CTA, who actively work with every Trading Standards branch in the UK, the MHRA, the FSA and the Home Office and of course UK law enforcement and are seen as the “go to” recognised resource by each of these organisations where legal cannabis products are involved.
"We are proud to be recognised by the MHRA and included in all documentation relating to cannabis products." - (CTA-UK) 

In this fantastic video Mr. Mike Harlington (CTA chair) gives viewers a comprehensive breakdown and guide as to the importance of what it means to be regulated in a rapidly growing industry and sector.

(Mike Harlington (Chair of CTA)
Valley Dew hold full membership with the CTA and are subject to rigorous background checks, product/labelling compliance as well as intermittent and random compliance sweeps. The CTA carry this out to ensure that its members are above all selling legal and safe products to consumers. 
In summary, we want you to make the most informed and best possible choice when adding cbd to your diet and lifestyle. Always carry out your own due diligence to ensure that the product you buy is from a regulated entity, and above all safe and legal to consume. 

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