Where does hemp begin?

Hemp is a plant that has a complex and interwoven history with mankind. Although originally cultivated for food many years ago, hemp evolved and began to play a more substantial and sustainable role in society. The hemp classification we are referring to here is that which derives from Cannabis Sativa L. This plant has been hailed 'The miracle plant', "Man's greatest plant ally".

Largely forgotten in recent history after being outlawed in the 20th century, hemp has reemerged in a significant way. Canada and Europe house a vast marketplace where hemp is showcased and legally available in the form of a wide variety of products: creams, tree-free paper, insulation, clothing and the list goes on.

Almost every part of the hemp plant has some sort of industrial application: the seed, the fiber and inner core, which has wood like texture and properties, commonly referred to as 'the hurd'. This crop is agriculturally known to be relatively low in maintenance and hemp has the capacity to absorb heavy metals and contaminants from soil, which gradually contributes to a purification of the earth. 

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