Thought about CBD? Want to know what to look for in a product? 5 key pointers of what to look for in the UK hemp oil marketplace!


Have you heard of CBD? 😀

We are going to get straight to the point regarding what defines quality and what to look for when you're making your first decision to purchase hemp drops in the UK market.

Valley Dew's 5-Star guide as to the truth with U.K. hemp (drops) oil..

1) Is the vendor / company you are purchasing from a registered member of a governing body or relevant Trade Association?

- As a registered full member of the Hemp Trades Association (CTA-UK). Valley Dew ltd has undergone comprehensive background and compliance checks. The CTA was founded to support the legal and safe sale of hemp derived products within the UK market and beyond. Operating essentially as stakeholders and working closely with governing bodies like: FSA, MHRA and DoH (Food Standards Agency, Medicines and HealthCare Regulatory Agency and the Department of Health). All CTA members are subject to regular compliance checks which also involves product compliance in terms of labelling, marketing and actual product composition.

If the company you wish to buy from is not part of a registered body such as the CTA, the question has to be asked "WHO IS REGULATING THEM?" & "ARE THEY ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE?". If the answer to these questions is 'no', we suggest you refrain from ingesting a product that quite literally may have been produced in someones shed! 

2) Is the product full spectrum/whole plant, isolate or standardised?

- It seems many hemp oil sellers are openly making medical claims and selling sub standard products whilst preying on customers who are looking to products like cbd as a antidote to their ailment or illness. This is particularly evident in the cash-cow marketing techniques sweeping across the internet.

A full spectrum extract will consist of a full range of cannabinoids, plus a range of other constituents including terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols (beta-caryophyllene, etc). A whole plant extract and full spectrum extract can and are often referred to interchangeably, however a whole plant extract commonly includes additional waxes and fats.

3) What extraction process is used for the hemp extract?

There are numerous methods used during the extraction process. We firmly believe the most efficient and most hygienic method is the supercritical Co2 extraction method. See video example:

All of our products at Valley Dew are extracted to the following ISO standards: ISO9001, 14001 and 22000. What does this mean? (Quality management systems for the co2 high pressure refinement, environmental management system and food safety management system respectively. Without this accreditation, your product could quite literally contain illegal, toxic and hazardous materials that may cause harm to the body.


-Valley's products are certified by one of the first and founding U.K. approved accreditation bodies. OF&G Organic Farmers & Growers (GB-ORG-02). This means that we have an organic certificate to prove that our products are organic and we are not just claiming to be organic! As an informed customer, we suggest you take time out to ensure that your product is certified by an accredited body and not by 'anybody!'

5) Can the company provide you with 3rd party independent laboratory test which gives a clear indication as to the cannabinoid profile of the product? 

- Do make sure that the oil that you choose to consume has an independent 3rd party lab test, preferably from an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory as this is the standard used by the police and other governmental authorities. Why is this important? Simply because it means the company has bothered not to rely solely on the manufacturers or suppliers COA (certificate of analysis). This is normally done to give buyers added value that the product they are buying has not been tampered with and contains the legal amount of THC (delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol). The current legal standing is that there should be less than 1mg of thc per sealed container. Laws do differ across the continent, therefore we suggest that you carry our 'Dew Diligence' if you wish to travel with you hemp drops.

So now you know what to look for! Valley Dew have all of the above and are dedicated to selling you the customer a quality and certified product. Click here


The BBC recently ran a compliance sweep that took the U.K. cbd industry by storm.